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"...but...I can't."

When I met my husband I knew our life would be a whirlwind. I was excited, but I was scared. Luckily, he was (and still is) worth it! I knew that he was a post-graduate student, but then he dropped the big bomb - "I'm in the Army." Now, I know I should have felt all kinds of pride and patriotism, but honestly, all I felt in that moment was fear. I could talk for days about all the scary things that a military wife has in the back of her mind at all times, but that's another story for another day on another page. What I'm getting at is the one thing that has come up so many times along this journey - instability. Home has always given me a sense of peace. Safety. Sanctuary. But, how do you create that when everything is temporary? So many times I've said "I really want to do [insert grand plans for household changes here - there's lots of them. What can I say? I'm a dreamer.]....but...I can't." One day I realized that a home and a house are two very different things. I realized that what makes a house a home is the people who live there, the way you feel when you walk through the door, and the memories you make with loved ones in that space. We have lived in Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Maryland, and now Georgia. Each place a different house, different climate, different environment. From a two bedroom apartment in small town PA to a tiny condo in Hawaii to a large colonial in the suburbs of the DMV area to a sweet southern craftsman in a community in Georgia - each of them I have been able to call "HOME". Friends, temporary is totally ok. If you find yourself in a similar situation for whatever reason (school, finances, military commitments) - you can make it home. Wherever that may be.


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