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Be Intentional

We are in the season of Spring cleaning and with extra time at home #socialdistancing now is the perfect time to decide what stays and what goes!

That being said, I want you to remember on thing: BE INTENTIONAL about what you have in your home. Take some time to look around and weed through the items in each room. If you find yourself smiling when you look at it, but don't love it in the room, keep it and set it aside. Likewise, if it has the opposite effect, well, you know what to do.

Once you've had a chance to do this in each room, come back to the things you set aside. You'll be surprised what things may work in different areas of the house now that you have de-cluttered.

Keep in mind the pieces you keep do not have to be new or "on trend". What they DO need to do is reflect who YOU are and what YOU enjoy.

Be faithful to your own tastes because what you like is never out of style.


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