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8 Unique CoffeeTables Under $800

Let's talk coffee tables! Most of us have one and use it daily. Whether it's where your kids do homework, where you and your partner place your wine glasses as you cozy up to watch your favorite show at the end of a long day, or where you gather around for family game night - this is a pretty important piece of the living room puzzle and it needs to be GREAT. I get a lot a questions about how to style a coffee table (and I promise to have another post coming soon to discuss just that!), but oftentimes I have to ask my clients to take a step back and re-evaluate the table itself. What if you don't have a great coffee table to style? Or maybe you have one, but it's all wrong for your space. Choosing the right size and shape coffee table is so important and it makes styling it much easier to do! Which brings me to the next two frequently asked questions: "How do I choose the right coffee table?" and "I'm on a budget. How much is this going to cost?" Today, we're going to find out how to choose the right coffee table and where to shop for unique and functional styles under $800!

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Oftentimes, the coffee table serves as the focal point in the room. Choosing the right one can pull the whole room design together.


There are a few things to consider that will help you decide what size and shape is right for your room based on the other pieces you already have in it. Most of us have a few seating options, end tables, a TV console, etc. that need to be incorporated into the design in order for the room to be fully functional. And you know I'm always going to be on #teamprettybutfunctional! Your coffee table is the centerpiece that pulls the whole room together, but it should also complement the other items in the room.


**Check out the graphics below and SAVE THEM for later so you can refer back to this guide any time! **


So, what else is in your living room? Do you have a sofa? Two sofas? Or maybe a sofa and 2 chairs? Are they facing each other or do they form an "L shape" in your space? If you've answered "Yes!" to any of those configurations, the best coffee table for your space is a rectangle or an oval. You can also do two small ottomans or coffee tables side by side to create the rectangle shape you need for the space while also giving you the versatility to separate them for gatherings, family game nights, etc. This option will also help to give you the best flow for your room. Check out these graphics below to help you visualize the layout!

Maybe a big cozy sectional is your jam. Is it "L shaped" or "U shaped"? If you're working with an L shaped sectional, round coffee tables will work best. They will allow for good flow and add an element of interest by using curved lines amidst all the straight edges. If you've got a U shaped sectional, I'd suggest a square table or ottoman. If your sectional has one side that is longer than the other (like a chaise/3-seater combination), you could also use a rectangular coffee table as long as the sizing allows for you and your family to easily navigate around it. Nobody wants to have more things to trip over and curse as you stub your toe, amiright?!


**Don't forget to save these to remember later!**


Now that you know what shape, it's time to shop! Check out some of my favorite coffee table finds under $800 below! Be sure to drop me a comment if you pick one of these bad boys up - I'd love to see it in your space. And check back soon for tips on how to style your coffee table and where to shop for some of my favorite accessories! Happy Shopping!



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