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5 Tools I Use for My Virtual Interior Design Business (and you should, too!)

If you're here, you're probably already doing E-Design or considering adding virtual design services to your repertoire. I've been there and I'm so glad you're doing this! Because I'm a big believer in building each other up and creating a community, I want to help you work smarter, not harder!

There are so many things to consider when you're just starting out or making the pivot from traditional in-person design to virtual design and it can be overwhelming for sure. I'm sharing the "quick and dirty" rundown of the top 5 tools I use almost every day to run my business. These tools have given me the flexibility and efficiency to create the business I always wanted, be successful in doing things my own way with virtual interior design, and allow me to have a work-life balance that I truly love.

FULL DISCLOSURE: There are more than 5 tools that make my business successful, but that's another post for another day. It's coming... I promise. But, for now, let's talk about online programs you NEED to be using.


A little housekeeping interruption...

*I will only recommend things I use myself in this post and the opinions and experiences expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links that will afford me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Each time you click and/or purchase something using my link, I do a little happy dance! So, thanks for reading, clicking, and making me smile!



Let me start by saying that Mydoma is SO much more than just the visualizer. However, because I am "self-hosted" (meaning my clients have their own client portal that I built into my website), I don't use the full suite. It's a really robust platform where you can run your entire business if you choose to, but I'm only going to speak on the parts that I use daily (and love!).

Ok, back to the visualizer. Listen, friend. Are you listening? This is important. You NEED this rendering program in your life. Your clients NEED this level of photorealistic visualization. And I promise you, it's a walk in the park to learn compared to some of the other programs out there. Not only is there an extensive library of models and textures for you to use, but you can also upload your own. This program became a vital part of my business and has elevated my client experience beyond my wildest dreams! I started learning to use this rendering program when it was under the E-Design Platform name and it was life-changing, so, of course, when Mydoma acquired it I knew it was a no-brainer to join the Mydoma family! I've been creating photorealistic renderings and virtual tours (like the one below) for a few years now and I can't imagine running my business without it!

The last thing I'll say about Mydoma is that you won't find a better community of designers, educators, and genuinely kind and helpful people. I love that there is a library of helpful blog posts, educational tutorials, and small live class opportunities where you can learn together and ask questions.

You can use my referral code: SP25MP and get 25% off of your first month with Mydoma Studio! And tell them Sarah at PCI sent you!


I've been using Canva since I started my business in 2019 and it's only gotten better over time. Canva is such a time-saver! And who doesn't need more efficiency in their business, right?! You can create everything from website pages and social media graphics to full presentations. I love that I can create templates that I will be able to reuse, resize, and edit over and over again. Using Canva has streamlined my ability to create content in mere minutes. I even use it to create my concept boards because I found Canva to be the best at doing things like background removal, adding shadows and unique graphics, and customizing things for my brand.

Here's an example of the templates that I can create for my designer clients as part of my DVA (designer virtual assistant) services using Canva.

I highly recommend Canva to anyone running a business, but especially to interior designers. There is even a free version if you're just starting out and can't afford to add it to your budget right now. I will say, though, even the Canva Pro account is extremely reasonable ($12.99/month) considering all the things you can do within this creative space! You can use my link to sign up for your own pro account HERE.

P.S. Stay tuned for a mini course I'm working on to show you a few of my favorite Canva hacks!


As much as I love the Mydoma Visualizer and Canva, everything has its limits. But, as a "type A" virtual interior designer, sometimes I need to tweak things to make them just right. When it comes to editing my 3D renderings or working on more intricate background removals and color changes, Photoshop is my go-to. You can do so much more in this program than remove that pesky pimple you got the morning of your branding shoot, my friend. And I would encourage you to check it out and learn your way around! I've even used Photoshop to efficiently create 2D design concepts and seamless textures like wallpapers and tiles to add to my renderings!

I personally use the Creative Cloud through Adobe, because it's got the best bang for my buck, but there are several different ways to purchase Photoshop. You can use my link HERE to check out your options!

Moody "just right" lighting and seamless wallpaper? Thanks, Photoshop.

4.) ZOOM

Virtual interior design means virtual meetings. I've tried other platforms and they just don't measure up to the capabilities and integrations that are available with Zoom. It's a necessary tool as I rarely get to physically see the spaces I'm designing in person, so I need the client to "walk" me through the space. I also find it helpful to meet "face to face" with my clients so that we can get to know each other a bit before we dive into a design project. You can learn a lot by listening to the tone of someone's voice and observing their expressions. I love that I can integrate Zoom with my automated scheduling through Calendly, record sessions with clients and/or educational chats with other designers, share my screens for presentations, and even create a webinar for students. Communication is so important in virtual interior design and I can't imagine not using this tool for my meetings, consultations, and collaborations. You can sign up for the free basic plan if it's not in your budget for the early stages of your business or for the pro plan that I currently use if you can afford the $150/year. Check it out HERE and if you need to chat with a friend when you get set up, I'm here for you!

And who doesn't love meetings in the comfort of your cozy home wearing your favorite comfy black leggings?!


All of these cool programs are great, but if no one knows about them... well...what's the point? I'm sure you've seen all the social media and business coaches talking about how important it is to build your email list. But, getting those emails can be a daunting task. At least it seemed that way to me. I'm still working on it, but using forms, triggers, and automation that I can customize for my business has made it SO much easier to grow that list without having to do a thing! It took some time to get everything set up, but now it's on autopilot and I get to sit back and watch my list grow! Active Campaign has been such a helpful tool and a cost-effective way to "outsource" the things I don't enjoy doing so I can focus on the parts of my business that I love - design! If you find you're spending way too much time on the things you don't enjoy doing but are important to growing your business, check it out! It's user-friendly, offers support when you need it with training sessions and educational content to help you get the most out of it, and easily integrates with your website, email, Calendly, and tons more! You can use my referral code HERE to sign up and see for yourself!

There you have it, my friend. The top 5 powerhouse programs I can't run my business without! Do you have a top 5? Or have a question and need more in-depth deets on these? I'd love to hear from you! Drop me a comment or email me at:

Soaking up all the details, but thinking "I don't have time for all that!"? I can help! I'm excited to now be offering To the Trade Services as a Designer Virtual Assistant! Pence Creative Interiors offers a variety of to the trade services including floor plans, 3d photorealistic renderings, digital flat lays, social media + website templates, and customized presentation materials that you can edit and use a template over and over again. I'd love to get to know you and help you grow your design business! Check it out below!

I hope you'll stick around for more designer-to-designer chats, helpful tips for your virtual interior design business, and more as I begin to tap into this side of the "biz"!

Thanks for being here!

Until next time,


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