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Meet Sarah


I was around 9 years old when my parents built our home.  It’s my earliest memory of the joy of choosing color palettes and finishes – it was thrilling to visualize how my new room would look in a few short months when all it looked like at the time was 2x4’s and wires.  I chose pink carpeting and thought it was the most fabulous thing I’d ever seen when I walked in to see the finished room that was ALL MINE.  “I did that” I thought with pride.  Later, of course, as a teenager I would think “I did that” with a whole different feeling but it was the 90’s and I had a lot to learn.  [Kudos to my ever-encouraging and dream-chasing parents who gave 9-year-old me the chance to experience this when most parents would have chosen a nice neutral palette for their kids and called it a day!] It was then that I knew being creative would always be the thing that brought me joy. 

This is where you think I’m going to tell you that I grew up, when to design school and joined an interior design firm.  Not quite.  While being creative would always be my outlet of choice when I needed to feel inspired, get a better perspective, or simply feel joy– it wasn’t the career path that 18-year-old me would ultimately choose.  Instead, I chose my other love – the sciences – and began a nearly 12-year journey in Ophthalmology as a clinical/surgical technician.  I loved it.  It was so satisfying to be a part of bringing better vision to others and see how technology was able to change the world around us. These two things may not seem like they connect, but in a few years they would. 

When I met my husband and became a military wife, things changed.  With a very busy schedule, moving every few years, and becoming a Mom – my job just wasn’t going to work for the long haul and I was hungry for a change.  I took 2 years to just settle into this new life and spend as much time with my daughter as possible.  I don’t regret a single day of it.  Through marriage, military moves, and motherhood, I re-discovered my love for design. 


When we settled in here in Augusta, Georgia after several moves and with a toddler in tow – I knew it was time.  So, I took the plunge and enrolled in an online interior decorating and design program.  I fell in love with the whole process.  From early design development and getting to know each client’s needs to seeing it all come full circle and giving my clients the “big reveal” – I knew this was where I was supposed to be.  Cue the pandemic.  Only 6 months into starting my business the world was being ravaged by a virus that would change the lives of so many – including mine. 

As Ross said to Rachel and Chandler, PIVOT! [I love a good Friends reference and this scene lives rent free in my mind for life!]  I decided to take the e-design service that I already offered and dive in to educate myself further on how to make that my primary service.  Thankfully, there are other trail-blazing designers out there who thought the same and developed resources to share with others.  I spent a year learning more about how tech in the design world is advancing, adding skills to my arsenal like 3D photorealistic rendering and streamlining a process that would be easy and efficient for my clients.  I was fascinated by what software was out there and made it my goal to incorporate it and make interior design accessible for EVERYONE. As of January 2022, working with Pence Creative Interiors became a 100% virtual interior design experience.  It has allowed me to tailor far more things to my clients, do what I love while also being home to care for our daughter and pup, and make well-design spaces affordable and accessible to everyone.

I’ve designed many spaces from entire homes to one-bedroom apartments and everything in between for clients all over the United States.  Whether you’re in a small space with pets and kids or just purchased a spacious forever home for your family– I’ve got this.  When I say I offer interior design for every lifestyle – I really do mean it!  And I’ll walk with you every step of the way!

Our Family

Sarah Pence, PCI

Be well, stay kind, and keep dreaming. 



Work with me

Getting to know my clients and working with them to create the home they really want is both a joy and a passion of mine.  I love learning about you and your family!  What you love, who you are as individuals, and how you live in your space are all things I want to know so that I can create a beautiful and  functional home for you.  I get to be a small part of your family while we work together and by the time we are finished, I consider you part of mine.  Are you ready to become part of my family?  Let's talk! 

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