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How It Works

"What IS E-Design?"

"So, what exactly IS e-design?" Boy, do I get this question a LOT. And I LOVE to answer it. Why? Because I get excited about introducing new things to people and watching that #mindblown moment when they realize what they've been missing. What is it? E-design, also known as electronic, remote, or virtual design is an interior design service that is performed  TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY ONLINE!

Yep, all of it. With a traditional design service, your designer or decorator would visit your home, evaluate and measure your space and discuss your needs with you in person. What I do is a bit different - with E-design, the collaboration between you and I is done virtually through email, phone calls and video. So, because all you need is internet access, I am able to work with you no matter where you are located! How cool is that?!


"Is E-Design right for me?"

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "it's not for everyone" which can apply to just about anything - including interior design. So, is e-design for you? Some of the biggest benefits of e-design is that it's affordable, convenient and has fast turn-around time. If you need an expert’s help pulling together a vision for a room in your home and you’re willing to put in a little work to make it happen, e-design is definitely for you! It’s for DIYers, renters, house flippers, real estate agents, small business owners and anyone else who wants to elevate a space and is willing and able to manage ordering their own furnishings and implementing the design plan on their own.


The Collaboration Process

After our complimentary Discovery Call, you will...


Select Your Service &

Schedule Kick-Off Call


Complete Your Project Questionnaire


Signatures &



Design Plan & Presentation


Access & Implement Your Design Plan

The Details

 Schedule Your FREE Discovery Call
Design is personal and it's an honor to be (virtually) invited into my clients' home.  Before we enter into a working relationship, it's important to make sure that we are a good fit.  In this brief 15-minute call, we will discussed your project needs and expectations.  If we choose to move forward,  you'll move on to the next step.  If not, that's ok! This is a free and easy-going introductory call and there is no obligation to continue if you do not wish to move forward with PCI. 
 Select Your Service
Simply select your desired service(s) from my virtual design services menu. When you have chosen the service that's right for you, go to checkout and create a login for your personalized secure studio in Mydoma (the online platform I use to manage your project)
 Schedule Your Kick- Off Call
When you log in to your studio, you will see a menu on the left.  Select the "appointments" tab to view my schedule and select a date and time for our 30-minute project kick-off call. *This is typically done via Zoom so be sure to select a date and time when you will have a few quiet moments and a strong internet connection. 
Complete Questionnaire
After you have scheduled your kick-off call, you will need to complete the project onboarding questionnaire (located under the "questionnaires" tab on the left side menu in your studio).  

*Please be sure to complete this prior to our call so that I can be prepared to answer any questions and gather any additional information that I may need to best serve your needs. 
Signatures + Payment
After we have accurately defined the "scope of work" during our call, I will send you a personalized quote for services.  When that has been approved, you will receive a Letter of Agreement and an invoice for your desired service(s). 

*Please note that the pricing listed for each service/package is a starting price and additional charges may apply depending on the scope of your individual project. 
Design Plan
This is the FUN part! You get to sit back and relax while I get to work designing your dream space!  I will communicate with you directly through your design studio with updates and you will have a full design plan within 4-6 weeks of our project kick-off date (this will be discussed during our kick-off call). 

*Please note, my 2-4 week turnaround times are an estimation and timelines will vary per project. 

At PCI, the first step is a FREE Discovery Call.  Being (virtually) invited into your home is an honor and it's important that get to know one another to be sure that PCI is a good fit for your design needs.  Simply click below to schedule now!

Transitional Design Concept + Shopping List

Work with me

Creating a truly personalized virtual design experience is what I set out to do when I started this business.  Over the past 4 years, I've learned what my clients really need. Rather than steer them away from their desire to DIY, shop savvy, and simplify their design plans, I've created an online design experience that gives them the resources to curate a well-designed home. 

Ready to get a head start on your project?  Download my FREE Room Measuring Guide! 

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